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DUI attorney Mary Prevost's testimonials on Avvo.Mary came highly recommended by a family attorney friend in LA. My son was faced with sexual assault charges. he was facing a stiff prison sentence. Further, he was facing time in the brig since he is a Marine. He was falsley accused by a horrible woman he rejected. Our family had to put our resources together and get a really tough lawyer who could expose her for what she did. We are blessed that we were referred to Mary. After three counts of rape and sexual assault, my son walked away with a misdemeanor and no time. It seems like it took forever. But Mary said for her and her investigator to get it right, we couldn’t rush in. I think even the DA was shocked at how much lies Mary caught the woman in. Lie after lie, and Mary proved it. Thank God for Mary because without her our son would be in prison.

DUI attorney Mary Prevost's testimonials on Avvo.I was looking for a lawyer wh could take on the cops. I was charged with DUI and resisting arrest. I needed someone who wasn’t scared to buck the system and go against the police. I wasn’t sure I wanted a female attorney. But I referred to Ms. Prevost by two friends who had used her successfully.

I have to hand it to her. No stone went unturned. She had an investigator go to the scene, take photos, got witness statements and challenged the cop’s version of events. She got the resisting arrest dropped and the DUI reduced.

All I can say is that she is wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you want a fighter, hire this woman.

A.J., a DUI clientSan Diego, CA

DUI attorney Mary Prevost's testimonials on Avvo.Mary defended me in a criminal case in which I was charged with two misdemeanor counts of domestic battery. I originally did not hire a lawyer but decided it was in my best interest after I met with a public defender at my arraignment. One thing that became very apparent was that I was truly considered guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of the court. Regardless if I was actually guilty or not. So I hired Mary because she came highly recommended by my Bail Bondsman. Hiring Mary was the best thing I could do in my situation.
She took immediate control and other than providing her with the facts of the casecase I had very little involvement at all. She appeared in court so that I did not have to and she was very good at giving me only info that I needed and nothing more. One thing that I greatly appreciated was that Mary clearly explained my charges and possible outcomes of the case. She never promised me anything she could not deliver and in the end we were able to the charges dismissed. Long story short she made the process as painless as possible and we got the results we were looking for. Now me and family can move on with our lives and that is the most important thing to me. I hope I never need her services again but if I ever get myself into trouble she will definitely be my first call.

DUI attorney Mary Prevost's testimonials on Avvo.I dont think I have enough space to write everything I need to. Mary is the best attorney hands down. A true professional in her line of work and extremely knowledgable. She defended me in a Felony DUI case in which the court was making me out to be guilty and look like the worst person on earth. She fought for me, she kept me well informed of everything, made sure I was taken care of, and took no garbage from the DA. Mary knows how to handle a courtroom, where I had seen many attorneys during the time, and none could compare to her, they would stutter words and look as if they were the intimidated ones,…..not her, her courtroom manner was excellent, she had complete control, and knew her stuff. A true fighter, with my long drawn out case. The end results were a wet reckless misdemeanor which I was happy with, and is far better then a two count felony DUI. She is the top attorney in my book and worth every penny. When I had my court appearances, I knew I was in good hands. She was recommended by a family attorney and lived up to everything he said. I am so glad that I hired her. Mary you helped me get my life back and I owe you more than you will ever know. I cant thank you enough. In my line of work people call me a hero for what I do, Mary in your line of work you are a hero. As corny as it may sound….youre my hero. Again words cant describe how good Mary is. Thank you again. You are the best….plain and simple.

DUI attorney Mary Prevost's testimonials on Avvo.Mary came referred to me by two male lawyers. My husband was facing a serious sexual assault charge, and they thought Mary would be more able to cross examine the so-called “victim” if we were forced into trial. Well, we did have to go to trial. It took almost a year before we started the trial, but Mary was prepared. She did so much work and her investigators did great background investigations. The “victim” – a girl with a reason to lie – was smashed on the witness stand. The prosecutor pretty much threw in the towel, although he refused to dismiss the case. He should have, but he didn’t. Mary won for my husband. Those two lawyers who referred her to us because she was an aggressive woman lawyer were right. No man could have done what she did in that trial. She crushed the lying “victim.” We are so blessed to have had Mary on our side.

DUI attorney Mary Prevost's testimonials on Avvo.I got a better result than I ever expected! I hired Ms. Prevost for a DUI with bodily injury. It was a felony.  Ultimately, she was able to get my case resolved for a misdemeanor and 5 days of custody, instead of a felony and substantial custody.

A DUI ClientSan Diego, CA

DUI attorney Mary Prevost's testimonials on Avvo.Given that I was charged with a felony, I had to make a personal appearance in court each time with Ms. Prevost. By the time we resolved this case – and it took some time, finesse and elbow grease – I was offered a misdemeanor. I am most grateful to Ms. Prevost for her hard work on my behalf.

A San Diego DUI client endorses Mary's criminal defense skills.I retained Mary after being charged with a DUI with prior and a 148 – resisting arrest. After fighting hard for over 2 years and dealing with a DA who caused a mistrial by misconduct, Mary was able to obtain a very favorable result for me. Mary is tenacious, straight-forward and very hard working. I highly recommend Mary and wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.

Attorney Testimonials

I have known Mary professionally for many years. She drives prosecutors crazy with her single-minded tenacity.

Bob HornerMoore Sorensen & HornerLos Angeles, CA

Lauren JohnsonMary Frances Prevost is extremely well-known in the legal community as a strong and thoughtful advocate for her clients in both criminal and civil rights cases. Few criminal attorneys also handle police brutality and other civil rights cases. She not only takes those cases but wins time and time again. She is a great asset to the defense bar and her clients.

Lauren JohnsonLaw Office of Lauren K JohnsonIrvine, CA

F. "Bill" William PowersMary Frances is a “lawyer’s lawyer.” Top-notch. Experienced. Compassionate. Well versed in the law and willing to take on difficult cases. Mary Frances has been my “go-to” in SoCal for a good number of years. She has always delivered excellent legal services and is responsive. Stop looking around. Just call Mary Frances. You’ll be pleased. Bill Powers Charlotte, North Carolina

F. PowersPowers McCartan, PLLCCharlotte, NC

Wayne Rodgers FooteI’ve known Mary Prevost through the National College for DUI Defense for many years. We have discussed cases and DUI issues. I know her to be a fierce fighter who knows DUI defense, inside and out. I would not hesitate to send a friend or family member facing a DUI to Mary for help.

Wayne FooteLaw Office of Wayne FooteBangor, ME

Lance O'Neal MixonWithout hesitation or reservation I endorse Attorney Mary Frances Prevost. I first met her several years ago at the Intoxilyzer 8000 Operator’s Course in New Orleans, Louisiana, where some of the best criminal defense and DUI Defense attorneys in the country had gathered to learn and share their knowledge about this “mystical machine” used to prosecute the ultimate crime of opinion and crime of junk science: DUI/DWI. Through my involvement with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National College for DUI Defense, I have learned much about Mary’s success in representing her clients and relentlessly pursuing justice. I know this: If I found myself charged with a crime or mistreated by the government in her area of California, my first call would be to Mary’s office. Lance O. Mixon Carmody, Stewart & Mixon Flowood, MS

Lance MixonCarmody, Stewart & MixonFlowood, MS

Mary Frances Prevost is indefatigable in the pursuit of justice for her clients. This maternal instinct of hers kicks in when she gets engaged in a case and she just does not let up. She is the legal equivalent of a Side-Winder Missile that has locked on in a Target-Rich Environment. She is fearless of court, judges, and opposing lawyers. I would recommend her to my friends, family, and my clients. If one of my kids were in trouble, she’s the first phone call I’d make — and I’m a lawyer.

Scott McMillanAttorneyThe McMillan Law FirmSan Diego

I have known Mary Prevost for a dozen years after meeting her at a national DWI defense seminar. Mary immediately impressed me with her depth of knowledge, presentation skills and most importantly to me – her dedication to our mission as criminal defense attorneys. I am aware that Mary also represents persons who have had their civil rights violated by police officers and she is an absolute hammer in that area. When you talk to Mary to will immediately know that she cares about people and about doing the right thing. And if someone has done you wrong you want Mary in your corner. I have been a defendant in a courtroom before and I had an attorney like Mary – a fighter who cared about me as a person. What a difference that made to me personally and for getting the Not Guilty I deserved. Mary Prevost is my San Diego friend, warrior elite and is on the DWI Dude’s Go To List in San Diego. Jamie “Dude” Balagia”

Jamie BalagiaAttorneyThe DWI DudeSan Antonio, TX

Maureen Pacheco endorses Mary's skills as a criminal defense attorney in California.Mary is a dedicated warrior who will fight for you every step of the way. Knowledgeable, persistent, experienced and tenacious…. You want her on your side!

Maureen PachecoLaw Office of Maureen PachecoSan Diego, CA

Thomas Hudson endorses DUI attorney Mary Prevost.I endorse this lawyer. Mary Frances Prevost is a nationally-recognized DUI warrior. Her commitment is amply shown by her active participant in the National College for DUI Defense. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Thomas HudsonDUI / DWI AttorneyLaw Office of Thomas HudsonSarasota, FL

Daniel C GrupenhagenI endorse this lawyer. Ms. Prevost is who I refer all my potential clients looking for a civil rights attorney. She is forthright and tough. She gets results, which isn’t easy for these cases. She fights to the bitter end and has won amazing awards for her clients.

Daniel GrupenhagenCriminal Defense AttorneyLaw Office of Daniel GrupenhagenHuntington Beach, CA