San Diego Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Lawyer Mary Prevost discusses her client’s false arrest and attack by San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Augustin Rosas.  The San Diego District Attorney dismissed all charges against Ms. Prevost’s innocence client on the day of trial because of ms. Prevost’s expertise and perseverance.

San Diego Attorney Mary Frances Prevost sued the San Diego Police Department, SDPD Officer Anthony Arevalos ad SDPD Chief William Lansdowne for civil rights abuses based on Arevalos’ sexual assault of her client, Jane Roe, and the City’s failure over many years to police rogue officers.

San Diego attorney Mary Frances Prevost appears on KSWB TV to discuss the arrest and charges against George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the case of Trayvon Martin. Martin was followed by Zimmerman and then shot and killed. Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch and was told not to follow Martin but did so anyway, leading to the death of the teenager. Mary Frances Prevost is a trial attorney located in downtown San Diego.

San Diego Civil Rights Attorney Mary Frances Prevost discusses the $795,000 payout that her client received from the city of San Diego.

San Diego Lawyer Mary Frances Prevost talks about the cover up by Chula Vista Police in refusing to hand over a video of the beating of a citizen by the same cop who disabled her teenage client.

Mary Frances Prevost’s Arevalos’ assault client slams San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis on KGTV.

Rick MacDonald, a former cop and now elderly disabled man, was assisting an injured person at the Old Town Trolley when he was attacked by Trolley and MTS workers. Watch Rick tell his story.

San Diego Attorney Mary Frances Prevost talks to News 8 about her client, “Mr. Checkpoint”, and how highly publicized checkpoints reduce DUI fatalities.

California Attorney Mary Frances Prevost defends the TSA Applesauce Lady.

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Mary Frances Prevost Comments on likelihood of dismissal of cases by cop who sexually assaulted women.

San Diego Lawyer Mary Frances Prevost discusses San Diego Police Chief Lansdowne’s departure.

Mary Frances Prevost’s client, Dr. Eric Harris, talks about what is was like to be assaulted by Chula Vista Police Officer Krafft in front of his wife and children at a Jimmy Buffet concert. City later settled the case against Krafft in favor of Dr. Harris.

Mary Frances Prevost discusses the City of San Diego’s attempt to “out” sex assault victim.

Mary Frances Prevost discusses bill banning violent sports fans on San Diego news channel, KGTV.

Mary Frances Prevost’s client, Jason Ensign, was minding his own business at a San Diego Charger’s game. But he was wearing a Chief’s jersey. He was cursed at repeatedly throughout the game. As he was leaving, he “flipped off” the crowd. Security guards tackled him, beat him up, and he was charged with 7 crimes. San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith refused to dismiss the charges, even though Ensign had done nothing wrong. Ensign was accused of violating the NFL Fan Code of Conduct. Mary Frances Prevost went to trial with Ensign and won a complete dismissal of all crimes. She then asked the judge to seal and destroy Ensign’s record, over City Attorney Jan Goldsmith’s objections. She won again, this time arguing against San Diego’s City Attorney himself, Jan Goldsmith. Ensign is suing in federal court.

Mary Frances Prevost’s client, Navy Surgeon Eric Harris, was slammed against his SUV at a Jimmy Buffet Concert in front of his wife and two children and four independent eye witnesses, by Chula Vista Police Officer Fred Krafft. Krafft had previously settled another brutality suit in federal court. See what Dr. Harris has to say.

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